Picking Affiliate Marketing Niches to promote can make or break your campaign right from the start.  Any Affiliate Marketing Niches can alter your campaign as winner or loser before the first of your first traffic even hits your page.  This is because the decision to go into a specific Affiliate Marketing Niches can really drive traffic if there are a demand and little competition for the actual product or in the market itself.

Affiliate Marketing Niches and your specific selection and sales is one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money online. You don’t need to spend months creating a product, you don’t need a list of buyers, you don’t need a website.  So if you are new to Making money online, or if you are experienced and just want to scale your business and fill some holes in your funnels with some high-converting Affiliate products and/or services.

One of the problems with Affiliate Marketing is how easily you can become overwhelmed by vast amounts of choices and different Affiliate Networks that offer different payment plans and schedules.  When you look at the Affiliate programs like Clickbank or OffierVault/MaxBounty (those are mostly CPA offers but are my overall favorite when it comes to the highest paying deals as I tend to have higher priced back-end products).

Quick & Easy Shortcuts for Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

Want to know how to make money online with affiliate marketing?

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Here are 3-time saving hacks that help you cut back the amount of time it takes to properly research your affiliate niche research time to a bare minimum while returning the most affiliate commissions possible. After all, you must learn to keep your eye on the ball and remember that to set-up a proper campaign selling anything, your time is at a premium.

Remember, one of our goals is to help you learn to stop trading “hours for dollars.” You want your work to work for you (Passive Income and Marketing Automation) with the highest returns possible.  Let’s face it, researching things isn’t very fun and this way you can quickly return to the fun parts like promotion and designing the actual marketing plans.

Affiliate Marketing Niches: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Head over to the ClickBank Marketplace and choose any category you might be interested in promoting. Although your interest in the category isn’t the final element to consider when deciding what to promote, it gets pretty boring when your promoting horse training or hot air balloons, both of which you couldn’t really care less about. 

So we suggest that you certainly pick something that you at least have some experience with and have some interest in so you don’t lose interest in promoting it.


After you enter your search category, initially Clickbank will pull up the latest top ten most popular products in that category. You might check the second page, too, if you don’t find something that interests you on page one. We traditionally use “gravity” as our filter term, putting the search result in terms of actual sales per affiliate actively selling that product over the previous month. This gives a good picture of people are actually making money with, and also where the most competition is. 

CLICKFUNNELS TIP: If you new, go with a 40 or below gravity and if you are experienced, I use the highest gravity I can find and simply find out who is selling the most and then use competitor spy products to see how they are selling them (i.e., who is their biggest demo, what type of ad campaigns are they running, what keywords are they using, etc.) and simply mimic your campaign to what already works.

Don’t be put off by the fact that a product seems too popular where you fear saturation.  Affiliate marketing is all about sleuthing out the potential customer – and maybe you have an “eye” for that market that others don’t.

Other Affiliate Marketing Niche Selecting Cheats

Another place to “read” your market is to go to any of the many niche forums and do similar research there. For example, say in the Forex market you would go to the top forums and see what people are using and what their main problems are that they are actively trying to solve. 

Try to find a product that you can market in a way that it either solves their problems or at least makes an effort that can help.  Listen to the members there.  What are the recurrent questions and problems that a certain product can serve?  You make sure you become a helpful contributor and then note which affiliate products can best serve those people.

Affiliate Marketing Niches: Do Your Market Research in Bookstores?

Head to your favorite bookstore and notice the most popular magazines.  If advertisers are spending money on ads, enough to support at least one magazine, then you know there’s a market for an affiliate product in that same niche.

These are just some of the simpler ways to get in the head of your market.  Do you enjoy digging into the minds of potential customers to find what wants, needs or desires they have?  Then Affiliate Marketing may be just what you want to make money from home!

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