Building your Email List

Building Your Email List: 4 Essential Steps

building your email list

Building Your Email List should be the most important task for you to concentrate on when making money online.

If you intend to earn significant money Online, be careful not to be confused by all of the different approaches that it seems everyone has (some may work, most don’t) that you can find when learning what you need to do.

Building your Email List is arguably the most crucial element of whether your Online business will be a success or not. Do not forget your list!

For reasons of pure laziness, most marketers do not like to build lists. This is because building a well-segmented and active list is time-consuming and can technically difficult. Many people are just too lazy and are unable to put in the hard work it takes to build their lists. This is the wrong area of this process to be lazy in, so suck it up and work on building your email list daily.

Why Don’t All Marketers Work on Building their Email List?

Many marketers will try to cut corners and purchase lists from 3rd parties. They hope that they will be able to make a fortune with the purchased lists without putting in the work. This is also the wrong angle to take. The problem is that because the list is not being built organically, you cannot create a ‘buyers trust’ type of relationship together with your subscribers from the begin.

Building Your Email List Organically & Naturally

Building your email lists organically or from scratch is vital, as you build trust with your subscribers. That trust is what brings in the money and repeated purchases. In addition, it makes it difficult for the subscribers to just walk away from your list, as they view you as a trusted expert in a field they are interested in.

Building a list like this can be difficult, and time-consuming to do.

building your email lists

Here are 4 Important ways to Build your Email List from Scratch:

1. Building a Website to Help Generate your Email Leads

Before you can build a well-segmented buyer’s list, you need to create a high-value lead magnet to use to get people to join your list. Adding subscribers to your list isn’t considered an easy thing to do- and is one reason that its not the highest priority for all but the most ambitious online entrepreneurs.

Remember, your subscribers cannot just come from anywhere. They must belong to your target market, which means they are people who are interested in your specific niche or sub-niche. The first step is to construct a website where you can use as a lead generation center. On your Website, your main goal is to get your target buyers onto your list by offering high-quality content on the site along with quality lead magnets with a perceived value that is too much to not sign up to get for free.

Publish articles and content that are original and valuable. Make sure that the site has several ways to subscribe to your list.

2. Your Website’s Homepage Needs to Be Hot

Now that you have created a website to attract subscribers to add to your list, take a good look at the homepage of your website, which should be high-quality and give the perception to your target audience that they need to join your list and read your content regularly.

Always add several different squeeze pages to your website (different for different segments of your audience). What is a squeeze page? It is a stand-alone page wherein you could convince someone in your target audience to subscribe to your list in exchange for something. For example, you may offer a Free report, ebook, PDF, Video, Slides, audio or anything else that you test and entices your audience to enroll in your list.

3. Offer Only Quality Products And Services That Will Solve Your Audience’s Problems

The products and services that you offer your audience must be capable of assisting them to clear up their problems or issues. This is the whole point. If you provide something that doesn’t offer any value to your target market, then why would they be willing to follow you and subscribe to your list? if you can persuade them that you are capable of assisting them to resolve their issues or reoccurring problems, then they may subscribe to your list without questioning twice. However, be sure that you aren’t using your mailing listing merely to sell your products and services when you consider that finally, your subscribers will recall you as a spammer.

4. Never Share/Sell/Lease Your Email List With Others

Once your subscribers get on your list, they must stay with you. Don’t get tempted to sell, lease, or proportion your listing with other list builders. If you have got a worthwhile list for yourself, why would you need to decrease the profitability of your listing through sharing it with different marketers to use? There is a time for you to add your list’s subscribers to alternate lists, but while you’ve constructed your list from scratch, you have to prevent the temptation to give it to others.

You’ll be able to keep the profitability of your list as much as possible, and your subscribers will trust you more because you respect their privacy and private information.


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