Unfortunately, most Online Marketers are unaware of the high-quality, Evergreen Passive Income Sources that are readily available in their Funnels, Offers, Blog and/or Websites, that are currently just sitting and not collecting all of the Evergreen Profits it could be capturing.

When earning money online using Sales Funnels, Blogs or Websites, it is obviously very important to always collect ALL available profits possible without leaving any money left behind or left on the table.

passive income sources

This is especially true when working with “Passive” or “AutomatedIncome, widely considered the “low-hanging fruit” of Online Profits, as once the Passive Income Sources are identified and their collection of revenue is properly automated, they will push Evergreen Revenue into your payment processor accounts long into the future.

What is So Special About Passive Income?

Passive Income is the Holy Grail of Marketing’s “low-hanging fruit” that every Internet Marketer dreams of collecting due to its ability to provide evergreen profits long into the future without the requirement of additional work or additional expenditure of resources to keep them maintained after their initial setup.

Evergreen Passive Revenue from Sources already inside your funnels are desirable to Internet Marketers because they are a source of easy money, (after their initial setup, they will continue to provide you with Revenue long into the future), without needing additional work or require additional resources to keep them maintained and paying off.

Where are Passive Income Sources in My Funnels?

There are many Sources of Passive Income inside your funnels that you are simply unaware of and that can be easily setup to ensure you are collecting all possible profits from your Funnels & Websites.

In fact, there are dozens of potential sources of Evergreen Passive Income currently collecting dust inside your Funnels and Blogs. Because, like most Internet Marketers you are unaware of their existence and ease of setup, you are allowing easy money to slip through your fingers when you leave on the table behind you.

All good Internet Marketer’s goals must include collecting ALL available income, including both active income and passive income, from your Online Businesses.

Increasing competition among sellers online, along with the rising cost of advertising despite the overall loss of effectiveness online ads have make capturing all possible profits in your online business a top priority to ensure your financial success.

It is imperative to your online businesses financial success that you always squeeze as much revenue out of your funnels and website as possible. 

Especially Automated and/or Evergreen Passive Income from Sources currently available to you that are currently just sitting inside your funnels resulting in the loss of significant revenue to your Online Business.

Because of the importance of identifying and capturing Passive Income Sources inside your Funnels & Blogs, look for additional articles on identifying and exploiting the preexisting passive income opportunities that you already have that you are leaving on the table every month.

passive income sources
The Freedom of Passive Income from Sources Inside Your Current Funnels

For now, let’s look at some of the most common, and easiest to implement, Passive Income Sources:

Ebooks, PDFs & Digital Content

Platforms such as Amazon Kindle and E-junkie have made it so easy to publish your eBook, that self-published content has become one of the most popular ways to earn money.  The key is to write something different that you have specialized knowledge or expertise in.

The easiest way to run automation using written digital content is during the lead-generation of buyers when you offer your digital download in exchange for their email address and consent to send them additional purchasing opportunities. 

Other Digital Products:

    • Video Tutorials and Podcasts where people can learn a skill or resolve a problem,
    • Evergreen Online Courses that don’t involve live training, including Automated Email Courses,
    • Like eBooks, evergreen online courses are a much-used way to earn passive income.
    • Evergreen webinars where you record once, schedule the recordings and sell over and over.

Simple Membership Sites

Membership Websites that offer exclusive access to specialized content can bring in reliable recurring income.

This is done by automating access to your content, products or services for a monthly fee (which can be offered in discount if paid annually in advance) and continues until your customer cancels.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Sales is basically being paid to promote proven, well-selling products or services relevant to your niche that you are happy to recommend to your clients.

You recommend a product and when someone makes a purchase via your link, you receive a commission payment. You can also have people sell your products or services as affiliates.

Advertising Revenue

For example, from Google Adsense on your blogs, and ads on your YouTube videos.


If you’re a photographer, you could add your photos to stock photo sites. They take care of the sales process for you and you can reach a wide audience.


If you’re a software designer you could offer access to your service on a monthly subscription basis (again discounted for annual payments upfront).

With so many options for generating passive income sources inside your funnels, it’s hard to pick which one is best for you.

However, we’re going to focus on the three easiest ways to add passive income streams to your current business in upcoming articles.

These might be hidden to you now, but you’ll quickly see how they can significantly impact your overall revenue.

Our goal in this series on Passive Income and Passive Income Sources, you will be able to:

    • Identify simple and easy ways you can add passive income to your sales funnel. You’ll select which methods you will implement right away so that your sales funnel is optimized to work as efficiently as possible to create passive income,
    • Identify a few ways you can quickly generate passive income from your website or blog. You’ll select which of those methods are most appropriate for your site, so that you make your website or blog even more profitable – even if you’re not currently earning anything from it,
    • Identify how you can make a passive income from your current customer base. You’ll select several tactics for earning more from your current customers, while they’re perfectly positioned in your business,
    • Plan new streams of passive income to start working on that have low risk and effort but will bring great future benefits,
    • Create your Passive Income Plan, choosing which passive income stream is the right one to implement first, so you can quickly start, and continue, to make your business more profitable.
    • Measure your results so you know how you’re doing and can continue to improve, and you know where to focus on next to add further passive income streams.

Action Steps:

  1. Do you earn any passive income currently in your business? If so, write down those sources and estimate how much you earn from each and how much work you put in to set it up.
  2. If you don’t have any passive income right now, don’t worry since you’ll be leaving this course with a fully-formed plan.

To learn more about identifying Passive Income Sources inside your Funnels & Blogs, please CLICK HERE <<<

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