Generate Passive Income without Failing

How to Generate Passive Income without Committing the Most Common Mistakes

The majority of Internet Business Owners dream of learning how to Generate Passive Income.  This would make their business fully automated and capable of generating Passive Income 24-7.  Yes, that is too good to be true and “Autopilot” systems are very rarely fully, “Set and Forget,” as many Marketers would have you to believe.  Despite this, exciting new innovations have made the Automated Generation of Passive Income a reality…24-7. Read on…

Although the term, “Passive Income” seems to be everywhere in the Online Business World lately, rarely are we shown any actual details or specifics on how to properly Automate our conversions.

INSIDER’S NOTE: Because of its inherent value, any real information regarding how to generate Passive income has become a closely guarded secret by the lucky few Gurus who actually understood how to correctly set it up, but as we all know, unless you fork over $10,000 or more, you are not going to learn how to do the really cool stuff. I’ve done several coaching inner circles with some very familiar names in the industry and am always disappointed., if any, “gurus” letting the rest of us in on their secrets.  Good news to my non-Guru Marketing friends; new innovations have opened the door to real passive income generation methods.  This includes the ability to fully run true Automation that sets-up streams of Passive or Autopilot income, and then quickly move on to generate more automated income,  with little to no work required on the source of the Passive Income for the Automated Payments to keep rolling in. This frees up your time to quickly move on, diversifying your business with many different streams of Passive Income, all from different sources ideally. This is the Holy Grail of Making Money Online.

The big money to be made is to generate passive income and then quickly moving on so that MULTIPLE Streams of Passive Income are created and the checks start rolling in with your work becoming much less by the day.  This can be difficult as the perception of Passive Income Generation can be two different things when not set up properly or should actually be automated as opposed to something that needs resources to stay afloat.

TAKE AWAY: Passive Income Generation is now more popular than ever. As we have discussed in prior blog posts, there are certain building streams of passive income are the natural next step for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs once they get established, but many are hesitant to take that next step. It’s a natural shift – you build passive streams of income so that you can stop exclusively trading your hours of work for bits of cash. Your passive stream brings in revenue whether you work or not.


How would you feel if, after all the work you put into your Blogs, funnels, and websites, you discovered that standard Funnel pages are Loaded with Passive Income Opportunities that you have blindly let slip through your fingers? The collection of Passive ‘Funnel’ Income is actually very easy and can be very lucrative. To learn how to spot Passive Income opportunities in your web pages, CLICK HERE.

Take our word for it, if you are going to enough trouble to work on your funnels and websites, you had better collect ALL of your profits without leaving anything behind on the table.  It’s not a good feeling when you discover how much money you have been ‘passively’ losing with every campaign. But that feeling goes away really quickly once you start collecting the money that you didn’t even know existed before. Keep your eyes out for these new products. Cool innovations for sure.

This begs the question; why then do so many companies fail to take this next step?

generate passive income

Where’s the Excitement for Learning How to Generate Passive Income?

Despite the fact that most people are interested in how to generate passive income,  setting up passive streams of income isn’t exactly the easiest part of running a business, due to its potentially technical nature.  However, if you are decent and don’t mind doing some self-education about the set-up procedure, it should pose no significant obstacle.

It’s also something that often doesn’t produce results quickly. Somehow, it doesn’t quite offer the sense of challenge and excitement that other areas of your business do.

However, the truth is that many small businesses don’t believe that they can properly implement true passive income because they’ve never done it successfully before. It takes various skills to set up streams of revenue in this way. You have to come up with a good idea, drive traffic, build relationships, write copy, experiment with monetization strategies – it really has all the same challenges of any online marketing endeavor.

And once you receive the first big payment that came into your account overnight while you slept, there’s no turning back.

Generate Passive Income can Be Tedious Work

Many info products and marketers promote the idea of passive income as an easy way to make money. You put up a website and then it’s time to relax on the beach while the money rolls right in. Then, you’re disappointed to discover that it actually takes a great deal of work to start earning passive money.

Creating passive streams of income takes some work and time to set up. It also takes some maintenance once things are up and running. But if you compare your passive income versus working for pay directly, it’s easy to see that it’s a much better deal. Plus, you’ve assured earnings for a long time to come if you do it right.

Where Are Those Huge Profits?

The third common reason businesses don’t start building passive streams of income is that the money doesn’t seem like it’s enough to make it worth it. The profit margin seems small. You could be on to something here. But with anything you do, you have to start small and build. You can’t expect a sudden jackpot the first time you put out an eBook.The profits from a single stream of passive income probably won’t be anywhere near what you make in your regular business. Not at first, anyway. The key is to create one system for automated revenue and, once it’s perfected and getting results, move on to the next. Each new stream brings you higher earnings, and this can add up considerably over a short period of time.

Success with passive income comes from having a good system in place. It takes some planning and background work. But once implemented, it can bring you considerable earnings with just a little maintenance.

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