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 Essential List Building Checklist


  • Your videos should be relevant to the topic of the opt-in offer you are promoting. Mechanics needing to know how to replace a part are not interested in cute videos about getting their cat to wear funny costumes (at least that’s not what they are searching for when trying to find a solution to their problem).

  • When waiting to start your video, acknowledge those who are signing on. “Hey Joe, it’s good to see you again.” “Martha, thanks for joining us.” Make it personal and they’re more apt to take you up on your offer.
  • The introduction phase of your video should be brief but include
  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why you do it.
  4. “If you want to learn more about me, go to URL”
  5. What you’ll be discussing
  6. A share request “Please share this video with others.”

  • A couple minutes into the video, pause and repeat the introduction “if you’re just joining us, we’re live and talking about ________.  I’m __________ and I hope you stick with us. …also, don’t forget to share this with your followers”
  • Encourage viewers to get involved; take notes, submit questions, etc.

  • Engage viewers as you speak… “Watching long videos is boring. Am I right?” Wait a moment for them to agree / disagree in comments.
  • Ask questions as you give your presentation “How many of you….” Again, wait for responses.

  • Make them feel involved “Amy has a question about….”, “Joe mentioned…”

  • Field live questions during the video.

  • Include a detailed call to action, not a boring ‘sign up for my list’ as if it’s an afterthought. “If you love this and want to give it a try, head over to URL to get a copy of the exact meal plan I used to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds”, “If you need more strategies for _, I’ve got you covered. Go to URL.”

  • Tell them exactly what to do. “Go to URL, type in your name and email and hit the green join button”.

  • Your lead magnet should be robust enough to entice them to subscribe. However, you can also promote the value of the list itself. “Join me today and I’ll send you XXX immediately to get you started on XXX. You’ll also get information on how to join our secret success group. I’ll also share with you XXX so you never feel like you’re going at it alone.”

  • Instead of your lead magnet being the teaching tool, make it your video. Create a video that essentially teaches the topic. Then, use material that allows them to quickly get started as the opt-in. This could be tools, apps, worksheets, planners, etc.
  • Hold a contest to generate more opt-ins. Encourage viewers to enter to win. It might look something like this… Ask viewers to submit feedback on what they liked best about your live presentation or what they would like to see next from you. When they submit it, they are added to your list and entered to win a prize. 
  • If you use Facebook Live for your videos, add your opt-in page URL as the first comment and then pin it to the top so it always stays above the other comments.
  • Once the live presentation ends, whether you use something like Facebook Live where your recording stays available to viewers or you upload your replay to another site, always optimize them for search engines (title, description, tag, thumbnail, etc.)
  • Offer replays, transcripts, cliff notes for each video as a bonus incentive for signing up for your list.
  • Create a video tutorial to use as your lead magnet. In this case, your live video would educate viewers on how to determine if something is right for them. Or it might walk viewers through the topic so they are better informed. They would need to sign up to get access to the pre-recorded tutorial on how to actually solve their problem.

Prior to launching a new product or service, create a series of pre launch videos to build excitement, buzz and to encourage everyone to get on your list.

This series could include videos that:

  • Tell your story; your goals, dreams, motivation, fears and hurdles.
  • Share your success story; where you are now and why you feel driven to help others with this issue.
  • Discuss things you’ve learned along the way (don’t give away the ‘answers’, but show them you know exactly what you’re talking about.
  • Interviews ‘experts’ on the topic (without giving away the answers)
  • Interview prior students, customers, friends or family members who have found success following your advice.=
  • Discuss your upcoming release and tell them to join the list to get extra tools and so forth.

Announce the release on launch day “over the past XX days, you’ve learned _ and received __, if you signed up for my list HERE, now it’s time to put it into action. Go here and get my training course”

  • If you’re hosting a Q&A live video session, a few days prior to the event, invite people to submit questions. Have them enter their contact details prior to reaching the form to fill out (the form would be on the confirmation page). Offer a big prize or some other incentive along with a replay and transcripts of the call, in case they cannot join live.

  • Certain video hosting services such as Wistia allow you to add timeline actions to your replay videos that encourage interaction. For example, you can create one that will pause the video for a few moments to show your opt-in, allowing viewers to sign up or keep watching. You can create an overlay with a message that shows for a brief moment. You can add an annotation link instead of interrupting the video. Wistia also has a bunch of other great features too.

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