How to Generate Passive Income

How to Generate Passive Income Online?

The question is How to Generate Passive Income Online… is it possible?  Yes!  It takes a lot of work to start out and isn’t any type of get rich quick scheme.

The first thing we must get out of the way is to determine what is meant by the terms “Passive Income,” or “Residual Income,” for the sake of this post?


We define Passive income, as a regular disbursement of revenue from something that you will not need to continue to work on or expend further resources on to keep the revenue disbursements coming.

The idea being that with Passive Income, you do not have to actually be at work when you receive income. In fact, good streams of Passive Income will continue paying you profits for years into the future with no additional requirements needed to keep the payments coming. it may be for any work you have done several years ago…… Great isn´t it? We think so too.

But are there many people who can actually live on a passive income? How hard is it to make a passive income? Can you make a passive income without knowing much about it?

The response to these questions is a resounding YES!


More and more people are earning passive/residual income and have been easily sold on the idea of less work for more money, as opposed to just trading your time for money.

The advantage of earning passive income is that you can make it next to your “normal job”. Many do it the way that they retain their “regular job” until they have built an equally large passive income.

There are many new opportunities to earn Passive Income that continue to pop up all over the marketing landscape. So with so many ways to generate passive income, where should you start?


building passive income

It´s important that you know your strengths and weaknesses when choosing business and how you will market your product.

With that in mind, the following are a few of my favorite ways to get my clients started in Passive Income:

1. Start in a network marketing or MLM business.

Many people believe that the easiest way to create a passive/residual income is by having a Network Marketing Business, also known as MLM.

Many elements go into your decision on what type of company you should choose. A good rule of thumb is to always choose an MLM Company that has already been around for a while and has a good overall reputation.

It would be a shame if the company closes when the Passive Income just starts to get paid out…

Benefits of selecting a network marketing company are low start-up costs. You also avoid the painful process of creating a business from scratch.

Most Network Marketing or MLM Companies produce products have available marketing tools and marketing strategies in place and all it requires is hard work and effort from you to make a good run of Passive Income.

2. Decide If the MLM Company you choose sells Consumable supplies you believe you will be able to market and sell.

Another related question to ask is would you rather sell a hammer or the nails?

A Hammer is purchased only once, while the nails are bought, again and again, get it?

If you are involved in a business where you sell an item like a computer, you’re out of business until your next sale…

So using that as an example, the best Network Marketing Companies for developing Passive Income are ones that sell consumable products on a subscription or continuity style basis.

3. You must be prepared to educate yourself and expand your abilities if you are to get really good at Passive Income.

In our system, the people who make the most money are those who can adapt to the changing business environment the fastest.

Passive income is rising, and if you keep your eyes open there are endless options available to you.

Using those 3 special Insider methods and you have set your self up to earn Passive Income well into the future with no further work due on your part.

NOTE: Always keep in mind that setting up REAL Passive Income is not something that is easily done overnight. Make no mistake, the initial work is still… work and isn’t easy by any means. But once that work is done, you can sit back and collect the dividends long into the future.

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