After this Intro to Passive Income Generation, you will  hopefully come to the conclusion the Generation of Passive Income is not the most complicated concept in the world and start integrating it throughout your online ecosystem including from your current Sales Funnels. 

Thanks to the Internet, earning extra money via passive income streams is easier and more accessible than ever.

As this course is laid out to you, you’ll first discover what passive income is, and what it isn’t, as well as the benefits it can bring, and the risks to watch out for.

Plus, you’ll get an overview of common types of online passive income so you can quickly and easily make your business more profitable. 

Passive income is commonly described as income received on a regular basis, with very little effort on your part to maintain that income. The Internet has opened up many new avenues to earn passive income.

To generate it, you need to create something that doesn’t involve you simply trading your time for dollars – something such as a product or service where you do the work once, and then earn income by selling over and over.

Is Passive Income Really Passive?

The term ‘passive income’ is really a misnomer, because passive income is not technically passive or unearned. The widely held belief that you can simply work two hours a week from the beach and yet earn a fabulous income, is somewhat misleading.

A reliable and significant income from passive sources isn’t going to happen overnight. You need to put in the work (and probably funds) now, planning ahead for steady income, and more free time in the future.

If you want to earn money this way it should be a properly planned and scheduled part of your business plan, and it’ll only be passive income after you’ve probably put in a significant amount of work.

Outsourcing Passive Income

You’ll need to set up super-efficient systems and processes that will enable your passive income streams to run more-or-less on autopilot. And you’ll need to know how to create the products and services you want to earn an income from.

To make sales, you need traffic and an engaged audience, so you’ll need skills in areas such as SEO and copywriting, or you’ll need to outsource these to someone with these skills.

If all of this sounds a little daunting initially, don’t be fazed. Remember that passive income can and does bring huge rewards for many. But, as with most things in life and business, you need to put in some work first in order to reap those rewards.

There’s no doubt that passive income is an effective way of getting the most financial gain from your time.passive income generation

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