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Passive Income Ideas 2018 that You Can Start Today

What is not to love about earning from diverse Streams of Passive Income 2018 and beyond?

With Passive Income, you certainly have the potential to generate a significant amount more money than exchanging your time for money, while required to do a LOT LESS WORK once your Revenue Stream is set up!  Who doesn’t have the dream of working substantially less and earning substantially more?!

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With Automated or Passive Income, only the Income Stream’s Source initial setup, along with maybe some small initial investment is all that really needs to be contributed to keeping the resource streaming revenue back to you indefinitely.

The various Passive Income ideas we have seen so far in 2018 seem to be more to supplement your regular income and help your company scale, as opposed to just making money with no work. It takes some work upfront and maintenance, but you’ll get paid around the clock, even when you sleep. So, how do you set up a passive income?

Here are some ways to start earning Passive Income that you can start today:

  1. Add Products to Your Download Pages

    When customers arrive at your download page, you should always offer a related product of low to mid cost. Ideally, this product should help the product your Users order work better or solve the problems of your users more efficiently, than without it.

    Your Users go into what’s called a “Buyer’s Loop” and they are much more apt to make additional purchases if you offer them at the exact right time before the Buyers loop is “closedds” the “loopSARLDoffer an additional product that relates to the one they’re purchasing. Another idea is to offer the product after the download page, once they’ve already purchased. 

  2. Add a “Latest Product” Section on Your Emails for Affiliate Products

    passive income ideas 2018

Your email subscribers can see your new product at the bottom of your email, and click through to buy.

      3. Only Offer High-Value Affiliate Products in Follow-Up Emails

When you follow up with customers who recently made a purchase, offer them an affiliate product they might like based on their prior contact with your products and affiliate products.

     4. Always Bundle Products

Take a group of the products you have released in the past and cobble them together into freshly repurposed “bundles.” This is a good way to repurpose old content to create something new, with new keywords to go after and new links to bring back. All good…

    5. Continuity Sites and Membership Sites

Members traditionally pay a monthly fee to share ideas, ask questions, and enjoy the exclusive content. If the site is valuable, they’ll pay monthly and it takes little maintenance on your part.

In addition, you can charge a large annual fee, but break it down into monthly payments during the marketing phase. In other words, call something $10, when in reality it is $10 a month but          is charged as “$120 annually.”  

   6. Get Your Affiliate Marketing On

Affiliate marketing is where you advertise the products of others on your website or blog and get a commission. This involves some content writing, but if done well, you’ll send customers to
the vendor you’re promoting then reap the benefits.

   7. Wanna Become a Vendor? Why Not?…

 Rather than selling the products of others, you can create your own products to put on affiliate networks. You can let others do the selling for you for a commission.

   8. Recommend Products & Resources Sections in Blog Posts and Websites

Create a page on your website where you recommend tools, resources, and other products. You can offer both free resources here as well as premium tools and products that make you a            profit.

  9Sell Advertising on Your Website

You have to have a high-traffic website or blog to do this, but you can sell space on your site for advertisers. Just make sure the ads are relevant and will convert. 

All of the above solutions leverage your current sales funnel and customers and make use of automation so that you don’t have to do all the work manually. Consider your business and its goals. Which of the above ideas could you implement? It just takes some planning and background work to set up.

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