Udimi Solo Ads: Best Option for Max Traffic?

Udimi Solo Ads: What Are Solo Ads?

Udimi Solo Ads are a good source of online traffic, especially cold traffic that hasn’t been qualified or filter.

‘Udimi’ is a good source of Solo Ads,’ which are basically an email blast to another marketers email sales list.

Solo ads are among the most effective method of getting your message in front of new subscribers without any distractions, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on online advertising.

How a Udimi Solo Ad Works

If you have a website, a business, or even a phone number, you can use Solo Ads to promote whatever you are currently offering.

Solo ads are standalone advertisements, meaning your message goes out alone without any others attached. To purchase solo ads you need to register with Udimi [REGISTER FOR HERE]

Udimi are among the most reputable Solo Sellers in the Industry. Sosell the opportunity to access their own lists for your offers, almost like a sponsorship or an endorsement from the seller to their lists. In exchange, you pay a fee for the advertising. Simple right?

What are the Benefits of Udimi Solo Ads?

When compared with other online advertising methods, solo ads are a very cost effective method of reaching a lot of people. A further benefit is your ability as the advertiser to find that are targeted to your specific niche. When using this form of advertising you are in effect “borrowing” the list of subscribers by getting your message directly to their inboxes.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Using Udimi Solo Ads

You will get the most results from your advertising campaigns if you successfully target a list of subscribers that are directly related to what you are selling. If your list targeting does not match what you are selling then you are not using your advertising dollars effectively and your campaign results will not be cost effective.

When you have your solo ad sent make sure you are providing value to the recipients. If you provide good content or value to the person receiving your emails they will be more likely to provide you with their contact information (lead generation) or purchasing your products (direct sales).

It is also important to track your results by monitoring how many clicks, leads, or sales each of your solo ad campaigns are generating. This will help you monitor your results and better choose follow up campaigns and targeting.

Finally, there a several Udimi ‘wanna-be’ solo seller sites. STAY AWAY. The majority are nothing but fraud perpetrated by bots and other ways to fake traffic.

Stay Safe from Fraud & Bots and Start Your Udimi Solo Campaign by CLICKING HERE

Udimi Solo Ads: Best Traffic Generation Tips & Hacks

Like everything, there are also downsides to solo ads that go with the pros.  The pros are you get genuinely quick, rapid, site visitors, and a whole lot of site visitors for pretty cheaper prices. Thousands of positive reviews also mentions that Udimi is fast, trustworthy and full of credible solo ad sellers to choose from.

The con is that you need to vet the sellers to remove the bad ones and to do that you need to understand what makes a seller “good” as opposed to “bad.”

Below is a screenshot from my account. To get going with your solo ads and to get traffic to your offer, all you need to do is go to the top button labeled “locate dealers.”


As you could see, a list of dealers, who are usually experienced Internet Marketers who have email lists that you can market your offers t You gotta be careful here, but make use of these criteria above. This allows you to filter the better sellers from the rest.

Should You Provide Info to Udimi Solo Ad Sellers?

There is some information that you need to provide the solo ad sellers for your solo ad buy to work properly. This includes when you need your ad or your delivery to start by. This is the minimum amount of site visitors that the seller is able to provide you with inside 100 hours. It’s vital to comprehend that the sellers has 100 hours to deliver the amount of traffic that you ordered for your offer. Any incomplete sale is refunded back to you.

Then you must let them know your overall budget and pick how much you want to spend.

udimi solo ads

Best Ways to Securly Filter Solo Ad Sellers

Additionally, if you are doing online sales, you can find the proper sellers for your offer using Udimi’s Seller filter.  This lets you filter out the qualities that you do not want.  In addition, you can  find sellers thru that have trackable possibilities of income or you may see best the dealers have generated income for customers. One hundred or greater ratings is a pretty right place to start.

Then after you get the right filtered sellers, the alternative component with solo ads is that you basically need to simply cut up take a look at. There’s a bit bit of a lottery that goes into this. Not that that is a bad thing, however don’t simply do one solo ad order and surrender if it would not make you rich. You ought to treat solo advertisements the equal manner you treat Google AdWords or Facebook advertisements or YouTube ads or some thing else.


You should stay at it and you need to preserve the repetitions coming. You ought to maintain the quantity and understand that maybe the solo commercials are not the problem. Maybe it is your sales funnel. Maybe it is your offer. Always think in target audience, message, and process. What’s your audience targeting? What’s your message?

All of these elements come into play. Big point I’m looking to make is simply be constant and be chronic with your mailings. Don’t give up, don’t try to throw a hail Mary and attempt to make a sale with pushy campaigns. Stay with it. Create a gadget round this and keep at it.

Another awesome part of Udimi is its affiliate program.  If you sign up or buy any solo ads using my offer link, I will give you an awesome, high-value bonus.  When you make sales from your affiliate account you receive 15% from all of the solo ad sales that your referrals create.

Note: If you are in Affiliate marketing, generating money online with only a laptop, Udimi is very good for gaining a larger audience to see your offers.

UDIMI Solo Ad Affiliate Prime Account

If they create a Prime account, which costs $20/ month consistent, and brings you several bonuses and larger affiliate commissions. However, the cost is too high in our opinion to justify the extra $20/ month expense.  You also give a FREE $5 discount code on their first purchase using your affiliate link. So be sure to let them know that they save $5 and receive an extra bonus from you ensuring they use your affiliate link.

Use Udimi with my affiliate hyperlink. When you use my affiliate link to purchase solo ads on udimi, you get a host of Bonuses and a FREE $5.00 discount on all ad purchases. To collect your bonuses, simply email me at Aiden@go.Neofunnel.com and I will email your bonus product links to you as our ‘thank you’ for signing up under us.

We hope this Udimi Solo Ad Guide very helpful. Go find your solo ad sellers when you join up thru the affiliate hyperlink. Get your Udimi account installation, and go get site visitors for your offer.

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